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Leak Inspection

You can't eliminate structural problems, which jeopardize your health, with spackle or a new coat of paint. You need a full-service professional.

When compared to asbestos, unwanted water seems harmless. But if you don't quickly address leaks or water intrusions, you can soon expect problems.

Thorough residential and commercial leak detection

Get a Comprehensive

On-Site Assessment.


Floor-to-ceiling inspections

and preventative repairs

  • Competitive rates

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  • 5 years of experience

  • Your satisfaction is our goal

  • We stand behind all our work

  • Locally owned and family operated

  • FREE estimates for all services such as flood cleanup and asbestos removal

7 reasons you need Ikmar Restoration and Asbestos

We won't just pull up the truck and start tearing things apart without asking. We'll educate you on why a given task is necessary and what you can do to stop problems from reoccurring.

We treat your property's restoration as a partnership

  • Mold, mildew, and bacteria

  • Bad odors and difficult breathing

  • Rotting wooden support structures

  • Shorted-out electrical wiring and outlets

  • Interior inspections

  • Exterior leak assessments

  • Wall leak patches

  • Minor foundation repairs

• Sound of water running when the

   water is turned off

• Hot spots on the floors

• Water coming from floors or walls

• High water bills

• Floor changing colors

How to tell when you have a slab leak


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